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BLOOM Online Support Group - eating disorders


This group is exclusively for the LGBTQIA+ community who are experiencing eating disorders. It is a safe space to discuss the dynamic challenges of eating disorders, body image, gender identity and sexuality and how this is impacting you at the moment.

To support the eating disorder community during the COVID-19 crisis, EDV has put together a range of online support groups. The groups will be led by facilitators who have lived experience with an eating disorder. These groups give people the opportunity to draw upon the support, experience and skills of others facing similar issues. It is an open space to discuss what you are struggling with and to reflect on the current challenges. It is entirely up to the participants to select which group they would prefer to attend. Attendance is not based on diagnosis, but on what difficulties the individual would like support on. We welcome people to attend these groups at any stage of their wellness and recovery journey.

Participants are welcome to attend any group that aligns with the challenges they are experiencing.

Groups will be held online via Zoom and participants are required to register beforehand. You must be 18 or over to attend this group.

For further information on these groups, please contact our Wellbeing Program Coordinator, Amy, via e-mail at