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Affirmation Station

Trans and Gender Diverse | Melbourne Metro

At Affirmation Station you can connect with other trans and gender-diverse people, explore your identity, and find the support you need on your gender journey. Affirmation Station is here to celebrate you in all your uniqueness. They host a range of gender-affirming activities, workshops and services. From makeup tutorials to binder fittings, they provide a space to freely explore and express your identity. All of their affirmation services are accessible and affordable.

Each month they host a variety of social gatherings, workshops, and gender-affirming activities such as personal styling, barbering, post-top surgery osteo care and bra fittings. All programs are designed to help gender-diverse people freely explore who they are and how they want to express themselves.

Check their website for opening times and to book at upcoming event.


Shop 2, 360 Lygon Street, Brunswick East