Transcend: Supporting Transgender Children and their Families is a new support group from Australia for the families of transgender children. The group was established by two mothers (who wish to remain anonymous). They wanted a safe place for parents to learn about transgender issues and share their stories together. Something that was lacking for them when they began looking for answers. The group is run on a volunteer basis and was established using their own private funds. It continues on this basis. The aim of Transcend is to connect parents with resources as close to home as possible. Often specialists in this area of expertise can be found only in one clinic in a major city and can cause onerous travel expenses to families seeking help. Transcend links families to resources overseas as well in order to give them the full range of information available. You may know that in Australia, parents must apply to the Family Court of Australia to seek orders to begin stage 2 treatment for Gender Dysphoria. Transcend are able to give support to those families too, with advice on where to find legal help and emotional support from other parents who have been through this process. Transcend also run a members only online Forum. The Forum is a parent’s only zone. Parent/child privacy is of utmost importance. It can be a very confronting experience for parents and children alike when gender identity issues arise. Transcend offers a safe haven and vital information to help families negotiate their way through to a better understanding and more positive outcomes for the whole family. 

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  • Address: Glen Eira, Melbourne
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Rainbow Network Coordinator

Jami Jones

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